ÚJ IDŐPONT !¡ Sun Kissed Prints vol.2 – ökolenyomatok antotípiával

  • Szombat, 2023. június 24. 16:00 - Szombat, 2023. június 24. 18:00

  • Szeszgyár utca, Budapest
  • Kibontakozó Alapítvány , Soil Society Sciart , Szeszgyár
  • 7000 Ft


The workshop is rescheduled to 24 Saturday afternoon – just before our summer solstice celebration – we start at 6pm, come and stay all night!
Meditate in the urban wilderness while your plant-based organic emulsion is being sucked out by the sunlight.
During the second ‘Sun Kissed Prints’ session you will be introduced to the classical phytochemical technique of anthotype, which uses natural plant pigments exclusively.
This printing technique creates fading images that loose contrast every time you watch them in sunlight…
Also their exposure might take several minutes, hours or days…
You will create 3 pieces of A4 size compositions using plants, objects of the garden and transparency foil positives. For the positive foil you will design your imagery inspired by issues of sustainability in an expanded field.
You will create 3 additional phyto-emulsion-activated sheets for further exploration, using local weeds of Szeszgyár garden.
Your hosts will be Csilla Hódi and Hajnal Gyeviki, artists, representing the @Soil Society Sciart
to costs: 5.000 Huf
to costs & support the Szeszgyár project: 7.000 Huf
by dropping a message to the Szeszgyar page!
Looking forward to play together!