Impact Hub Language Café

  • Kedd, 2022. augusztus 2. 17:00 - Kedd, 2022. augusztus 2. 19:00

  • Wesselényi utca 17, 1155 Budapest
  • Impact Hub
  • Ingyenes
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Csatlakozz az Impact Hub Language Café nevű programjához, ahol idegen nyelveket gyakorolhatsz szuper társaságban! Az esemény ingyenes.

Join the Language Café session to meet people, practice a language you are learning, or help others improve their language skills!

The idea of this program is based on the concept of combining social interaction with the possibility of improving your language skills by talking with natives you might not meet in your everyday life.

The Impact Hub Language Café is open to everyone, regardless of occupation, age, and language skill level.

The event is free.

There will be a Hungarian and English table for sure, and please let the organizers know what other languages would be interesting for you and they will try to meet your preferences.

The event is therefore open for everyone no matter what languages they may speak.

Please register to the event to help them prepare: