Food & Medicine from a Wholesome Perspective

  • Szerda, 2023. február 15. 19:00

  • Bartók Béla út 29, 1114 Budapest
  • Kelet Kávézó és Galéria , Kelet Kult - Irodalmi és Science Café , Open Minds Budapest
  • Ingyenes
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Did you ever consider black pepper and cinnamon as a medicine? Do you realize a lot of medical plants and trees are important for the health of the ecosystem?
In our OMF series `Let’s talk about food, baby!` our guest speaker Muji (Mujeeb Zia) will tell us more about food as medicine and the synerchy between different herbs and spices. Muji is from the UK and a pharmacist and medical herbalist who has travelled to learn about growing plants for food and medicine and designing these spaces to be ecologically harmonious – primarily Forest Garden models. Muji will also tell us about his beautiful project in Pilisszentlászló, Hungary: The Medicine & Food Forest.
Come and share your questions and ideas this evening at Kelet Kávézó Stúdió. Your hosts: Barbara Horváth & Tom de Smet
Free Entry! But, due to limited space, we ask you to register via the Messenger chat function at FB Open Minds Budapest. Thanks!