Ecofeminist Festival No.3

  • Péntek, 2022. május 13. 10:00 - Vasárnap, 2022. május 15. 22:00

  • Szeszgyár utca 12, 1086 Budapest
  • Szeszgyár
  • 5000 Ft
  • Link megnyitása


This May, in Szeszgyár, the Ecofeminist festival is making its comeback for a 3rd edition!
As usual, there will be workshops, book clubs, nature walks, open discussions, performances and cookouts. We will have our regular fun with talks about mushrooms, weeds, biodiversity, herbs, bodies, food and many more activities related to ecofeminism. In addition this year to respond to the growing transphobia, we will also include a focus on queer ecology.
We are inviting you to rethink together our relationship with our environment by exploring pathways beyond the binaries of species (human/non-human ) and gender (men/women).
This festival is open for everyone interested in what sustainability, ecofeminism, queer ecology can mean. No prior knowledge is required to participate, from hands-on activities to more focused talks everyone will be able to find their entry point to the discussion.
The line up will be ? ? ? ? and is still progressing / you can still apply with ideas/
This is some of what we have so far:
Situating Szeszgyar in an ecological, political and social context to tackle primarily the human/non human, nature/culture, and city/countryside binaries. We want to rethink human interactions with the landscape as collaboration rather than destruction or separation and abandonment.
A few events part of this block:
Queer nature walk with Elise Heral, Conversation around the urban-ecological context of Szeszgyar with Madácsi Flóra, Birdwatching, Garden tour and discussions with Margit Anna, Compost petting with Udvarnoki Tünde, Discussion on queer’s access to nature with Dykes on Hikes, and much more!
Giving a theoretical entry point through important thinker’s work in ecofeminism, queer, ecology, socialist and intersectional feminist theories. Open discussions to answer the questions raised by ecofeminism and queer ecology.
A few events part of this block:
All weekend library with book clubs and talking circles with the participation of Czeglédi Alexandra, NEM!, Ádám Zsófi and others, Panel Discussions on LGBTQ+ refugees experiences and difficulties moderated by Pride’s Radványi Viki, Discussion on environmental justice, commons and ecofeminism with Balogh Annamária
Acknowledging and questioning ways our bodies engage with the world around and within us. Discussing how our embodied experiences of race, gender, sexuality and disability are shaping our identities and how we are perceived by others.
A few events part of this block:
Dance, movement and gender with Luisa Morales, Dream workshop with Zoe Vulgarasz, Sex ed ft. Art therapy with Rebekka Kajos, Hip-hop class for all ages with Sára Kalfus, Simon Zsuzsi coming soon, Young parent’s circle, Yologa with Fruzsi, Durational performance with Jenna B and Kemelo N. Sehlapelo, Mushroom massage with Hódi Csilla and much more
/In Practice
Exploring through hands on workshops ecofeminism, ecology, queer and socialist theories. Rethinking care and consumption through pragmatic and usable experiences.
A few events part of this block:
Don’t trust your fortune cookie with Lea Kalfus, T-shirt up cycling with Borbála, Hair Cutting with Sophie, Queer Zin making with Lishu Gang, Outdoor clay kitchen making with Feldmár Nóri, Plastic Rehab with Ákos and much more
Offering during the entire weekend concerts, movies and other live performances to accompany our common exploration.
A few events part of this block:
Salgó Viki concert, Movie screening and discussion with Labrisz about Ukrainian queer, feminist activism, Kali Dj set (Persephone, OMOH) , Folk story telling with Szabó Ágnes, Tarrot reading and much more
PLUS! Throughout the weekend there will be:
a library
a little donation based cafe area with tea, coffe, sandwiches and cakes,
a cloth exchange spot ( please only bring spring and summer cloth),
hopefully a toddler corner ( please apply if you can help organize that ? )
and a wood workshop with tools.
? On both days we will do a big community cookout over the fire, enough for 50.
⛺️ This year there will be an option to camp out on the land. Email us to book your spot and with any questions at
The suggested donation for a ticket is 5000ft. This is for covering the pay of those who bring programs to the festival.
No one should stay away, lack of funds but if you can, please buy a donation ticket of any amount, you can set your price on Eventbrite.
We are happy if you buy tickets in advance but you can also pay what you can on the spot!
If you can’t donate, please consider helping us with a little volunteering, send an email to
The festival is in part funded by Tavaszi Fesztivál and their collaboration with Józsefváros, which will cover materials and a tiny free for organising but we also need your help to pay those who host events during the festival.
All our events at Szeszgyar strive to be free of racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia. Everyone is welcome at Szeszgyar regardless of age, creed, gender, gender identification, HIV status, national origin, physical, mental or developmental disability, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
This event focuses on multidisciplinary topics around ecology, feminism, queer theory, social justice and racial equity. These activities reflect an intersectional framework. All those oppressions that are inextricable and joint efforts are needed to dismantle sexism, classism, ableism, transphobia, and homophobia, as these structures reinforce each other.
We are all constantly learning, it’s ok not to know something and ask, to misspeak sometimes, but we ask people to try their best to be considerate and empathetic towards each other. In case of disrespectful comments or violence, actions will be taken to ensure that everyone feels welcome and safe during the event.