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You have to meet and perform in thousands of areas of life every day. Not here. Slow cosmetics consist of the simplest but most essential ingredients: pure active ingredients and a nourishing human touch.

There is no high-tech beauty industry, no unknown electrocosmetic machines, no long-term dubious synthetic, petrochemical ingredients, preservatives, dyes, fragrances.

Instead, there is transparency and sustainable beauty care.

There are natural active ingredients from organic farming: high-quality vegetable oils rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, essential oils with a therapeutic effect, flower waters from domestic small producers, natural clays filled with minerals.

There are safe, GMO-free, mostly unrefined plant extracts from organic farms, which are a real food for your skin as well.

There is a “zero waste” approach, as the materials used are put into cosmetics in recyclable glass or paper packaging, in large packaging.

And above all, there is a professional who considers you competent to help you understand the real needs of your skin and guide you through the mazes of body care.

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